"We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media, the Question Is How Well We DO IT !"  Eric Qualman


As a social media strategist we help our clients leverage Social Media to gain the best advantage for their business.   First we work with you to understand your Business Objectives and Goals and how Social Media Marketing fits into meeting your goals.   It is key to clearly understand how Social Media Marketing fits into your Business Strategy and Goals have a clear combined vision for overall integrated marketing.


We work with you to develop a clear vision of what Success Looks Like for  Your Business.

  • Business Goals >  Social Media Strategy > Social Media Business Plan > Results


We then track measured results and adjust as need be to align with your business objectives and strategy.  We aim to find the quickest and effective route to success.



At Social Media 4 Results,  we have Solutions with Bundled Service Packages so you can choose from Good, Better or the Best set of solution services.  This allows you to choose a complete Managed Service approach where you can start small and grow with your business.  The set of services start with Strategy then Social Media Business Plan all the way to Implementation, Measuring for Results and ongoing management and support.


 We leverage a Tactical Wheel process approach together with a Content Plan to engage and grow your community, customers and revenue $.


Also, we offer an Individual List of Services  to choose from if you prefer to gain assistance with individual items or platforms, one time services, or coaching and consulting contract service.    We will make some recommendations for you depending on your selection for ongoing support.


Our solutions are based on industry knowledge and key marketing strategies. There is always a solution.



There is an online conversation going on right now about your brand,  services or products you offer.  Your target audience is having those conversations.  Are you a part of that conversation?  Reality is you can not afford not to be part of that conversation.


For your business to benefit --


We help you :

  • Determine where your target audience is active ( what Channels)

  • What conversations,   Listen and Engage

  • What Channels (platforms)  are the best  fit  for your business  (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube)

  • Engage your target audience with remarkable Content - providing Value


All is brought together with and Integrated Marketing and Digital Marketing approach.


Social Media will actually integrate into all aspects of your business regarding customer engagement and customer care and support.


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